What exactly makes a sauce different than a dip? Where do condiments fall on the sauce continuum? Is there a more Midwestern export than ranch-dipped pizza? For our season finale, listeners called in and dished all their thoughts on sauce.
As much as it feels like family dynamics never change (fighting with your not-liberal-enough dad about politics, bonding with your sister over day-long binges of "Family Feud"), our family relationships can be fluid, and non-linear. Listeners called in and shared their stories — big and small, gradual and sudden — about when their understanding of a family member changed.
Drake has given us many things: Jimmy from Degrassi, that all too validating dad-dance from "Hotline Bling," and a renewed appreciation for "The 6" (even if no one in Toronto actually calls it that ). But for all that he's given us, @champagnepapi hasn't shown us any glimpse into his sleep routine. Listeners called in with their best guesses of how Aubrey Drake Graham gets ready for bed.
There's a darker side of #squadgoals that we don't always hear about: friendship break-ups. We don't expect friendships to inevitably end; and when they do, there's no road map — at least, not like there is for couples who call it quits. For our third episode, we collected stories of friend break-ups: why they happened, how they went down, and what listeners did — petty or not — to deal.
Donald J. Trump: a man so famous for his mouth and what comes out of it, it's hard not to wonder just what goes in. We know the man abstains from coffee and alcohol, but The Donald has to eat. Listeners rang in to tell us about Trump's late-night snacking habits, his dinner party banter, his love of unadorned hot dogs, and whether or not he's scared of hummus.
For our first episode, we collected voicemails of passing but memorable moments on public transportation. Listeners called in and shared their stories from planes and trains (but not automobiles) — from a woman sitting right on top of a tray of cupcakes, to brief glances that leave you wondering "What if...?" as you transfer from the L to the 4.